Co-Gen Mechanical Services Ltd. commenced operations in January of 2000 and has gained an enviable reputation for versatility in the construction and maintenance work fields.

The company has grown from a one man commissioning crew to executing multi-trade, round the clock projects at various locations across BC. We have a team experienced tradesmen available that specialize in municipal waterworks, sewage and water treatment systems as well as co-generation and hydro (Run of the River) turbine systems including installations, hydraulic piping and testing and commissioning and maintenance.

Co-Gen Mechanical Services has a registered Quality Control Manual with the Boiler Inspection Branch of British Columbia as an “A” Contractor for work on boilers, pressure vessels and hi-pressure piping. CGMS can provide the proper supervision and local manpower (when available). CGMS has numerous welding procedures at our disposal including all PWP’s 1-12, MCA’s 1-15, QW482 -QW483 and several of our own including a 9% Chrome Procedure, therefore we have both downhand and uphand procedures for water pipeline (penstock) pipe. CGMS has access to local manpower who have worked on many fabrication and mechanical projects located throughout British Columbia.

Safety First

CGMS has an outstanding safety record and have recently upgraded our safety program and are a registered and active with ISN Networld.

Co-Gen Mechanical Services (CGMS) highest priority is to promote safe work practices and to provide training, education, and supervision necessary to ensure that all of our employees understand their role in completing their work safely as well as promoting environmental stewardship. We are aware of our responsibility to provide a safe work environment for our employees and all other persons that may be affected by our work, so the personal well-being of all our employees and the public is of primary importance to our company.
The achievable objective of Co-Gen Mechanical Services is to combine superior quality workmanship and profitable production without injury or damage to persons, property, equipment or the environment.

Their work has been timely and professional. They employ qualified people for the tasks that are assigned to them. And the finished product is always of a high standard. They observe and practice all applicable safety rules and regulations, and to date have and excellent record.
— Bob Macpherson, Chief Technician, VI Power Ltd.

Some Of Our Services Include

  • Mechanical Contracting, Commissioning and Maintenance

  • Pressure Pipe Welding including all Alloys

  • Pipe Fabrication

  • Rigging and Material Handling

  • Quality Tradesmen

  • Signatory with BCYT allowing us access to quality BC trades people.